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« How it all began »

We brought home our first corgi, Nacoma, in 2016. She won our hearts and we fell in love with the corgi breed. Soon after, we added Dakota to our family and the corgi herd has continued to grow ever since. ​After experiencing all of the wonderful qualities this breed has to offer, we decided we wanted to help preserve the breed, which led to the creation of Little Bear Corgis. Little Bear Corgis was inspired by their resemblance to little, fluffy teddy bears with a big heart and fierce spirit. ​Our corgis are very much a part of our everyday lives. From helping cook dinner in the kitchen (mostly as volunteer taste testers) to playing hide-n-seek with the kids, they bring joy and fun into our lives. With no shortage of things to do in the hill country we love taking our corgis on a variety of adventures. They enjoy nature hikes, playing in the river and the occasional "puppuccino" from our local coffee shop.​There is never a dull moment with the corgi herd around. Whether its playing outside or cuddled on the couch, the dynamic of each of their personalities creates a joyful and entertaining experience. ​

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